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What is a Will?

Writing a Will for a client can be a complex and lengthy task. The process can provide challenges for your client, both mentally and emotionally.

Deciding which assets to leave to whom; especially if family dynamics are complex, choosing the right executor of the Will, or nominating the perfect guardian for the children can be emotional and have a hindrance on your client.

That’s why it is essential to make sure that Wills are written correctly and that they provide a true reflection of your clients’ wishes.

A simple error could potentially cause devastating consequences to clients’ loved ones after they have passed away.

Common mistakes could entail:

  • Omitting assets that are not physical such as shares and bonds.
  • Unintentionally excluding stepchildren by referring to them as just “children” in the Will
  • Using equivocal language that obscure the client’s true intentions.

At TrustDocs we can aid your time efficiency by writing the Will for you. By using our service, you will have peace of mind knowing that each Will has been drafted by highly experienced professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I need to amend a client’s Will?

Contact our offices and let us know of any new relevant details. Our team is experienced in making changes to documentation and will review any amendments needed.

Can I write my own Will legally?

It is not illegal to write a Will yourself, however this is only possible if the Will is very straightforward. When handling the estate of a trusting client it is important that professional help is sought, to ensure the Will is valid and appropriate.

Does a spouse automatically inherit everything within a Will?

If your client is married it is the case that they will automatically inherit the first £250,000 of the estate, plus half of the remaining sum. The other half will be passed to any children of the deceased. Of course, if the estate does not amount to this figure then yes, the surviving spouse is the first point of inheritance.

Who keeps the original copy of a Will?

The Testator must produce a copy of the Will and follow the same attesting proceedings as they did for the original document. The Testator may provide one copy and the other should be stored securely with a Trustee, bank, safe or professional expert. At TrustDocs we provide a well-established and secure storage facility for your clients.

Who is entitled to see a Will after the death of the client?

While the Testator is still alive nobody other than them (with certain, limited exemptions) is authorised to receive a copy. This remains a private document and only the executors written into the Will are eligible to view the document, until probate is granted.