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Family Asset Protection Trust

Protect your clients’ most valuable assets for the benefit of their loved ones with A Family Asset Protection Trust.

trustdocs ltd

With TrustDocs You can be more efficient.

trustdocs ltd

How can we help?

Are you tired of working with no support and dealing with documents below quality standard, poor turnaround times and lack of updates? At TrustDocs we improve your productivity by doing the work for you. Here is a list of services you can benefit from.

We offer a range of Trusts and Estate planning documentation. However, our most popular product is the FAPT.

Our highly- trained team can assist you with your client’s Trust Registration Service.

Tired of writing Wills? We can help you be more time efficient by writing it for you.

Not only we can write LPAs for you, we can also submit them for registration to the OPG.

You can save time by letting us apply for Probate for you.

We offer a range of Trust administration services tailored to your needs.

Our experienced team will carry out the whole process of land registration on your behalf

TrustDocs training sessions are carefully designed to develop your skills and support you in achieving your goals.

We provide a safe and secure annual storage plan for all your clients’ documents.

trustdocs ltd

Relationships built on Trust


What Our Clients Say About Us

"TrustDocs offers informative training sessions that has provided me with both sales and technical knowledge. The technical support I receive from everyone on the team is excellent, I especially think Alan is a great fountain of knowledge and has so much experience."

Andrew Wells


"Attending the recent event hosted by TrustDocs was a truly delightful experience. Lucia and the team made me feel welcome, and it was great catching up with Alan after several years. The organization was efficient, and the event itself was both informative and enjoyable, complete with delicious sandwiches that catered to my dietary needs. A special thanks to the lovely team for their warm hospitality."

Simon Patnick

Embrace Planning

"TrustDocs delivers fast and efficient service to help me to deliver results to my clients within promised timescales. It's great to work with a partner who is on the same page about timescales, especially when they are so approachable and knowledgeable."

Sonny Ullah


"TrustDocs offers exceptional technical support that definitely sets them apart from the competition. They also offer brilliant communication and give me the answers I need to help my clients. My questions and queries are always answered quickly over the phone or by email by a member of the team."

Jess Thompson


"I’ve been working with TrustDocs for around 6 months and I have definitely received 5-star service from them. I can tell that TrustDocs care about my business, and they’re always trying to overachieve in service. I feel appreciated and respected as a client, and their quick document turnaround and technical support help my business to achieve targets."

Nick Goldberg


"TrustDocs is a great partner which has assisted the growth of my business in the seven years that I have worked with them. The training I have received from them, the documents they provide and the ongoing support they give me are a great asset to my business, which would not be as big as it is without the support of TrustDocs."

Jayne Duddy


"TrustDocs provides high-quality professional services which help me to help my clients. I have received client referrals due to the standard of service TrustDocs has given me in the past, so I would recommend them to all Estate Planners."

Duncan Irvine


"I have been working with TrustDocs for around six months now and I have had a very positive experience with them. They are very timely in their document turnaround and in responding to my questions and requests. My colleagues are also impressed by the quick turnaround of documents and they always meet my expectations."

Richard Green


“I promote and process a considerable number of Asset/Lifetime Trusts for our clients. I have high and demanding standards. TrustDocs have certainly met those demands.

Our team deals directly with the staff at TrustDocs and has nothing but praise for the fact that they respond to what we request. If somebody asked me if they needed documents producing professionally and to a high standard, then I would have no hesitation to recommend TrustDocs.”

David Procter


"TrustDocs always bend over backwards to give their best service, and I have always been satisfied in the seven years I have worked with the company.   The turnaround for documents is quick and the quality is good, but I also appreciate that the team will also make an effort to do a task quickly if I need something urgently.”

Mark Morgan


“I have been working with TrustDocs for seven years, and they have provided me with excellent high-quality professional service throughout. Working with TrustDocs has helped my small business grow exponentially. Where I was initially only able to work on simple cases, I am now working with high net worth clients with the confidence that TrustDocs is there to support me in all of my cases."

Teresa Jones


“I have recently taken over the role in my office which entails dealing with the admin aspect of Trusts. I am basically the middle person between our consultants and TrustDocs. My experience with TrustDocs has been extremely positive. They make my life so much easier by letting me know exactly which documents and ID they require from me and regularly email me about cases with queries so that they can never be missed or forgotten about.

I would highly recommend their service."

Johanna Pierre


“I've been using TrustDocs for my estate planning and Will writing business, and it's been a game-changer. The system is very intuitive, making the process really straightforward. On the support front, Jon and Louise have been remarkable. Jon is my go-to for any technical insights, while Louise is incredibly helpful with day-to-day questions.”

Tony Morris


“My overall experience with TrustDocs is excellent. I enjoy working with the team, and the legal documents I receive are just as expected.

Being able to speak to Jon or Alan as if they were my personal advisers is the most important thing to me, and even when I don’t get hold of them straight away, they return my calls within hours… not days.”

Bal Budesha


"The team at TrustDocs is efficient, and their communication is great! The legal documents are high quality and I always receive them back on time.

They truly make it easier for us. They understand how we operate as a company and are able to assist us with complex cases.

Georgia, Gabrielle and Ildi are great at getting the documents ready for us. Louise has been very helpful in supporting us with situations that are quite complicated. Finally, Jon is great and he really understands what we need."

Tiffany Walters


"The best thing about working with TrustDocs is being able to pick up the phone to speak to Jon when I need him or get a quick response to my emails.  

With other providers sometimes you can wait 3-4 days to get an answer. So, this really sets them apart from the competition.   

The legal documents are absolutely first-class. I would absolutely recommend TrustDocs to other estate planners."

David Williamson


“I have worked with TrustDocs for over a year and a half, and they tick all the boxes for my estate planning business.

TrustDocs also offers brilliant technical support. I can pick up the phone whenever I have a question and the team will always help. Yvonne has always been a great help and the whole team is really responsive when I call.”

Junaid Afzal


“After over 20 years as an Estate Planner, I engaged with TrustDocs in 2023 to draft the Trusts of my clients. I have found their operation to be thoroughly professional.

Their documentation is first class and all produced in a very timely manner. Partnering with TrustDocs has significantly elevated the quality of service I can offer, providing my clients with peace of mind and confidence in their estate planning journey.”

Mike Barnes


"I was incredibly impressed by the technical knowledge of the TrustDocs team, particularly Jon and Alan. Their expertise allowed them to answer my client' most intricate questions and provide the best possible advice. This directly translated into top-quality estate planning documents that exceeded my expectations.

TrustDocs struck the perfect balance between giving me the technical knowledge I needed and keeping things clear and understandable for my clients. No more jargon-filled documents or confusing terminology - just clear, concise estate plans that my clients felt comfortable with."

Charlene Simms



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In the dynamic world of estate planning, excellence is not just achieved through experience but also through continuous learning and...
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