What's this about?

Drafting FAPTs is a reserved activity and therefore Will Writers are unable to draft these documents.

TrustDocs software allows you to capture FAPT client instructions that seamlessly link with our back office for drafting.

TrustDocs offers bespoke training programmes. This will give you the knowledge to offer the FAPT to your clients and enable you to take full instructions.

TrustDocs provides a complete suite of documentation (including Land Registry requirements) with an impressive 5 day turnaround at very competitive prices leaving you a generous margin when upselling to your clients.

If required the software will integrate to allow the production of Wills & LPA with the same production turnaround

What's the opportunity?

Increase your sales opportunities and PROFIT MARGIN, by using TrustDocs FAPT software to facilitate the sale of all Family Asset Protection Trust transactions.

Training is provided on:

  • Features, Benefits and Process.
  • Technical Compliance

Help your clients by using a proven way to safeguard their assets for themselves and for their family’s future.

Help your clients to:

• Take advantage of a service that makes sense for everybody – not just the affluent

• Keep control of their most valuable assets

• Protect their property for the benefit of their loved ones

• Protect their assets from bankruptcy, creditors and strangers

• Potential saving on future Probate costs

• Potential saving on cascading Inheritance Tax

• Use a product with a proven pedigree dating back centuries

• Preserve their wealth and don’t leave their future to chance

What should you do?

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