Our background is in the retail market in a client facing environment and we have in the past made use of an Asset Protection Trust document template.

As such we understand the issues and concerns that you, as an estate planner can have.

We have been instrumental in the design of a new software package that could be classed as unique in our industry.

TrustDocs has now partnered with a proven and well tested estate planning software company to create the bespoke family asset protection trust software.

TrustDocs only deals with the estate planner.

Following the easy to use process, once the client details have been input, the case is sent directly to our back office.

TrustDocs then produce and package the completed Trust documents and you receive these back in a 5 working day turnaround.  This gives you the opportunity to show your expertise to your client and, just as important, to show your efficiency by completing the sale with a signing appointment quickly, letting you receive full payment (if not already done so).

As this is a reserved practice, it follows that training in the Family Asset Protection Trust software is essential, giving you the knowledge to offer the FAPT to your clients and enable you to take full instructions.

Training is provided for the existing estate planner with the knowledge to promote this type of Trust. The course will involve a refresh of our product and training on our software (5 hours). Please register on the site to view additional information.

Courses available every month

There is no ongoing cost to use the software.